Hear It First: Our Last Night Releases New Album “Age Of Ignorance”

Music Lovers,

I love spreading the word about new music and bands especially when it is a band that holds a special place for me. I used to go to shows since well… before I was even able to drive myself to the local shows. One of the bigger bands that drew the best and most passionate crowds back in the day in NH/MA, was a band called Our Last Night. This band has grown drastically from those days and has moved on in extremely impressive ways.

Our Last Night started at a young age and have planted their feet steadily in the music world and don’t plan on moving anytime soon. From touring endlessly, getting signed to Epitaph and releasing album after album, this band is killing it. Today they released a new album called Age Of Ignorance, which I highly suggest you pick up in stores or on iTunes asap!

“The Age of Ignorance springs forward with the radio-ready-meets-fist-shaking bombast of Rise Against, the earnest power of Taking Back Sunday, the immediate urgency of Underoath and the instantly memorable catchiness of New Found Glory.”

If you guys like what you hear be sure to add them on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for them in your city on their upcoming tour HERE!

xo BH