Happy Birthday, Miss Hanna Beth!

Today, August 24th, marks the day that the lovely miss Hanna Beth was brought into this world and I just wanted to give a quick birthday message:

I found out about Hanna through someone else I admire, Jac Vanek, and couldn’t help but fall in love with her. Between her strength dealing with drug and alcohol addictions, starting her own clothing line, Sober Is Sexy, to standing up for herself and her friends the way she always does. I’ve learned to accept and admire fashion by looking through her Buzznet, and she’s the reason I made one myself and have grown to take a risk in life. And by following her for about two years now, I love all the advice she speaks, the music she quotes, and the art she posts.

I bought my very first pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s: Silver Glitter Litas, just because I saw Hanna Beth wearing them. I remember the first day I wore them: black leggings, Beatles tank top, and had those shoes and I was just the center of attention, target of destruction by “mean girls.” In that moment, I didn’t care. What’s life without a risk? I had insane confidence that day, just thinking “How would Hanna Beth handle this?” And it helped a lot we have the same name. 🙂

Hanna Beth is such an iconic person to me. She is like the person I’ve always wanted to be: having the dream job of being able to do something she loves, be completely tatted (hehe) and have the best group of friends that anyone could ever have. Working hard to get where she has come, and taking pride in everything she has done. My admiration and respect towards her can’t be put into words, and will always be that way.

So, Happy Birthday Hanna Beth. Stay weird, stay gorgeous but most importantly stay you.