Today was so beautiful and hot day in my city. And my sweet idea was relax becauce it wonderful Sunday.

I was in shock because I found my happiness. I was in garden and around me was trees.

It look like on the photo (the same place but without this cow. She was my favorite but new are too cute).

I sat there with one of my cats and observed nature. I can’t described how fantastic it was. Suddenly I heard “beat”, “beat” and I saw so fantastic the great spotted woodpecker (in Polish just: dzięcioł). He was so inspired, so fragile and proud too. And more birds, butterflies….everything was so perfect.I know that I’ll remember this moment all my life.

Next, I recorded sounds of the world to my video on some contest. I love hidden sounds because people don’t care about it. The same is with everything. For me is so sad that people don’t care about world.

Every day I oberving world and people. I think that I can see more than part of their. When I try talk to their about it they answering that this is crazy and don’t have time for stupid stuffs.

But in one flower I can to see everything. It inspiring me to writing poems. Everything is like people, even these flowers. When are young we must to care like about the kids. When are old they dying like people.

We are only a little part of the universe….



P.S. Right now I found my old photo with cock!!!! Farm is better than the city!!!

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