Who Was Firing Guns In Miley Cyrus’ House?

Miley Cyrus has got everyone talking in the last couple of days, with a very exposing photo surfacing yesterday – and now there are reports of drama at the 19-year-old entertainer’s home! On Wednesday, August 1st a swarm of police, fire and rescue squads were summoned to Miley’s San Fernando Valley home, after receiving a call reporting a possible home invasion or robbery and claimed that shots had been fired in the house. North Hollywood police confirm to E! News that they responded to a call for a kidnapping and shooting on the premises.

So who was firing guns in Miley’s home? Answer: no one! Police swarmed the premises, making a perimeter around the house only to find no one home: Miley has been spotted in Philadelphia this week joining her fiance Liam Hemsworth on his new film. In the end, police determined that the call was a prank and while it looks funny on shows like Punk’d, this type of prank comes with some serious consequences.

“If the person is found, they will be arrested and prosecuted because it was a false call, a false allegation,” an LAPD spokesperson told E! News.

What’s the most outrageous prank call you’ve ever received or heard?