How To Deal With A Difficult Roommate

College can be one of the most rewarding and super-fun experiences – especially if you live on-campus or in a dorm! Just think: no parents, complete freedom, and default friends. What’s not to love?! That is, unless you get a roommate who you may not get along with at first meeting – or EVER! While many students get paired with roommates whom they get along with, that’s not always the case. So what to do if you’re one of the unlucky ones who get a difficult roommate? Here’s some tips to keep the peace and make the experience less difficult:

1. Set some ground rules. Setting up rules like quiet time and chores is a good start to a functioning dorm room. This will help to see where you guys are at and help you get on the same page.

2. Talk about your expectations. Are you an early bird and she’s a night owl? Whether you are on the same page (great!) or complete opposites, it’ll help to know what you both are thinking and expecting from each other. After all, we’re not mind readers and sometimes people don’t say anything until it’s too late. Work it out before it becomes an issue.

3. Compromise. You may not necessarily be too fond of each other, but since you’ll be living with each other for some time, try to work things out.

4. Sit down and talk it out. Communication is key in any situation – and this is no exception. Don’t be aggressive; talk to one another with respect and really listen to each other.

And if all else fails:

5. Talk to an authority figure. If you really can’t resolve your issues and differences, talk to a resident advisor (RA) or someone in the housing department. If things get really bad, you can talk about moving to another room or getting another roommate as a last resort.

What would you do if you had a really difficult roommate?