CITY THE KITTY HAS A CATNIP PROBLEM …… Got to get rid of those NUTELLA jars first :D

I don’t know if any of you ever heard of City the Kitty. He was featured on the show My Cat From HELL awhile ago and now he is a star !!! He was featured on BAD DOG Saturday night as one of the contenders for the baddest dog even though he’s a cat !!! That show features any kind of animals for that award. But he was beat out by an actual Bad dog !! On the My Cat From Hell show the cat trainer Jackson Galaxy had his hands full with city the kitty he’s a Manx / Polydactyl cat that was attacking one of his pet parents he jumps almost 6 feet high !! But he did learn to calm down thanks to Jackson and all his wonderful tricks 😀

City the Kitty also has a sister named Missy and he also has his own facebook page 😀