Check Out My Wedding Pinterest Board!



This weekend Swoon + I get to have our first meeting with our amazing wedding planner Tori from Sitting In A Tree Events, (check her out, you will die, also you should follow her on twitter because she posts the best stuff) anyways, I’ve been pinning to my pinterest board like a freak (why don’t you follow my pinterest?! boo.) and I wanted to share what we have come up with for our big day. Funny, when this all started I was so anti-wedding and the more and more we do, the more excited I get and am finding it is really fun to plan everything!

I’m mostly excited about the CRAFTS! YAY!

Take a look through some of my favorite photos and inspirations!

Do you guys have any great ideas about what would work? Is there something you totally loved at a wedding that I should do?! Tell me in the comments below!