Carla Bruni Poses as a Factory Worker For Her $110,000 Statue

A statue of Carla Bruni, former supermodel and current wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, may not please all when it is unvelied on September 21st. The statue, sculpted by Elisabeth Cibot, portrays Bruni as a plumassiere, a female immigrant worker at one of Nogent-sur-Marne’s former feather factories. Some, including Bruni’s own staff, think the statue is ridiculous.

It has not only been described as hideous, but it honours a very rich woman whose husband is facing corruption allegations,”an unnamed official said. “It’s well camouflaged at the moment, and not many people have noticed it, but the official unveiling is going to be difficult.”

Do you think the negative reaction to Bruni’s statue is justified?