Buzznet Music Chats: Favorite Movie Soundtracks

I’am a firm believer in a movie soundtrack can make or break a film. The soundtrack has the moments that we laughed, cried and dance to while being taken out of reality. I’ve somehow managed to put a list of soundtracks (So many good ones) together that have taken me away to another world.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: The soundtrack is what made this movie creepy, weird and funny. Some of the songs leave you thinking to yourself, Who came up with this idead. “Sweet Transvestite” is a personal favorite.

Dirty Dancing: I get so wrapped up into the soundtrack of this classic. It has some of my favorite songs from the decade. ” I’ve had the time of my life” will always take me to a magical place where i wish i could be lifted in the air by a handsome summer love.

Staying Alive: Everyone has heard of the songs on this baby. Fun Fact, i used this soundtrack to write my senior year musical.

8 Mile: Let’s be honest for a second. This movie would of sucked if it wasn’t for the music behind the film. Eminem defintley hit an all time high after this one.

Titanic: One of the only movie soundtracks to make me sob like a little girl.

Almost Famous: We all can re-call ‘Tiny Dancer’ in this film.

Let’s Discuss: What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

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