Buzznet Exclusive: Lauren Berger’s High School Fashion

Hey guys,

For some reason, looking cool and having all the top trends seem to be something that is stressed in high school. Here are some of my high school fashion memories and advice and tips on things you can wear!

What is one thing you wore in high school that you would NEVER wear now?

Overalls. We had “Overall Thursdays”. But who knows…they could come back!

Did your high school have a dress code?

Ummm…they were only strict about flip flops and really short skirts…and no tube tops!

What is one of your current favorite fashion trends you can recommend to everyone to rock at school?

For fall, I love menswear fashions. Grab a basic button down in classic light blue or white and wear it one hundred different ways. I love wool blazers for when it gets colder outside and deep browns, grays, and plum colors. Also go for a crazy statement necklace that comes in a bright color to add a little spark to your outfit!

What is your advice to everyone on the stress put on them over “what is cool and what is in right now”?

You can never go wrong with the basics. Avoid spending a ton of money on “trendy clothing” as these will go out of style very soon and won’t be wearable after that. If you are in an up-scale store focus on buying “pieces” that will last for years – solid tops, sweaters, nice jeans, etc. I typically buy my “trendier” items at stores like Forever 21 or TJMaxx.

If you could bring back a trend you rocked in high school what would it be?

My Kaepa Shoes, Long Khaki Skirt from Wet Seal, Gap Overalls (as previously mentioned)