BUZZNET Exclusive: Kerli’s ID Festival Performance Plans & Fashion Must-Haves

Our fearless fashion favorite and musical maven, Kerli is performing during this weekend’s monstrous ID Festival! Kerli will be performing alongside some of the best artists in dance and house music including: Wolfgang Gartner, Nero-DJ Set and fellow Buzzmaker Le Castle Vania.

We had her answer a few questions about how she gets ready for the over the top festival and what she says are her must-haves. She is such a doll!

What are your five ID festival necessities?

The most important thing is being in good spirits to bring people joy. I also need lots of water, glitter, 34 inch hair extensions and my blinged out in ears:) I’m bringing another real unique artist with me on stage as well. His name is Public and he’s kind of a tortured genius. He wears a gold mask at all times he’s around people. I’ve never seen his face or heard his voice. When we work together he just writes things on paper.

What acts on the lineup are you most excited about?

I love Arty, Porter Robinson and can’t wait to see Audrey Napoleon, Nero and a fellow Buzzmaker Le Castle Vania.

What do you think makes Identity Festival so unique from other festivals?

For me, there’s no other festival with this many acts I’m dying to see.

What will you be wearing on stage?

I can’t wait to reveal what I’m wearing! Marco Marco and Seth Pratt aka Closet boy created some amazing pieces for the tour.

What is your favorite thing about festival fashion?

Dance music festivals have the best fashion cause people put real effort into creating fantastical outfits. I love the glitter and the tutus and furry everything<3

Do you have anything special planned for the visual aspect of your set?

Absolutely. The visuals are still rendering as we speak cause we put tons of effort in them. Jesse Kirberger and Patrick Lascu of T. Rex Media have spent many nights not sleeping creating insane stuff. Can’t wait to show it off! It’s gonna be technofantastical!

Are you going to the ID Festival?