BUZZNET Exclusive: Karmaloop Shares Their Back-To-School Shopping Secrets!

When it comes to picking up some cool new clothes for back-to-school, it can be hard to makes decisons when shopping on a budget! Before you start stressing, breathe a sigh of relief because Buzznet had the chance to chat with Karmaloop‘s Women’s Fashion Director, Jasmine Imani! She spilled on everything a girl needs in her closet, inexpensive statement items and the best time to take a fashion risk!

Check out our interview and check back on Buzznet Monday August 27th for your chance to win some serious Karmaloop cash to help boost youe wardrobe from alright to AWESOME!

1. What are staple items every girl should have in her closet to work with when adding new items to her wardrobe?

Black blazer- You can always throw this over a new dress or add on top of a new tank and cut off shorts. You can always change up the look of a black blazer by adding colorful scarfs or even some cool vintage pins.

Oversized white button down- a great fitting oversized button down will look great with any new bottoms that you bring to your closet . Rather it be black leather pants to a sequin mini skirt you can throw this on.

A perfect fitting little black dress- every girl should have a couple of perfect fitting black dresses that compliment you shape and will also help showcase those new crazy shoes or bag you want to show off for the evening.

2. What are items that are worth spending more money on? Shoes, bags, and jackets. These are usually the thing that will stay in your closet the longest and possibly be passed down. Splurge on the things you will use the most. A good bag can even rest a couple seasons and come back in trend before you know it.

3. What are the easiest colors and styles to cross over all seasons? Besides black, white and grays…I say red

4. What is a current trend you think has staying power? I think prints will be around for a while. They have been evolving a lot and will continue to do so.

5. When shopping a sale rack, what should girls on a budget look for? (ie: fabric quality, colors etc.)

If something is on a really good sale like over 50% off I say get crazy and grab what you like…lol. That is the best time to buy without feeling like you’re taking a huge risk. Try something different.

6. What’s something inexpensive and crazy that girls can and should spend some of their clothes budget on?

Sunglasses are always fun and can add a pop to any outfit. Nail decals, a pretty manicure can not only change your whole look but also how you feel.

What are you buying for back-to-school?