BUZZNET Exclusive: Incubus To Release HQ Live Boxset & Brandon Boyd On His Solo Album Plans

Incubus are currently headlining the Honda Civic Tour but it was revealed recently that the band’s front man, Brandon Boyd, is considering making another solo album! We caught up with Boyd and asked him what his vision is for the project, take a look.

Ha ha, you make it sound like I pulled a velvet cape off of the idea and yelled, “Behold!” Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Music is a large part of how I communicate and it communicates to me in a strange and continually morphing process. I actually don’t know what it’s going to end up like, but I do know it’s a very exciting time creatively and I am so excited to share that with anyone who wants to listen.

Sounds like he just has a passion for making music in whatever way he can! We will have more with Brandon on the band’s recent HQ experience and plans for the Honda Civic Tour.