BUZZNET Exclusive: Incubus’ Brandon Boyd Gives Details On New HQ Live Boxset

Incubus are currently headlining the Honda Civic Tour but the band is also ready to release their New HQ Live Boxset! We had the band’s front man Brandon Boyd give us his thoughts on the HQ experince, take a look.

How would you describe the Incubus HQ in three words?

Innovation Needs Blood

The HQ was a very intimate setting for fans to experience as well as for the band, do you prefer to play in a small setting like that or to a huge arena? How are those experiences different as a performer?

It really depends on the day and the mood. There have been occasions wherein we’ve played both settings in the same day and it felt great! If I could be so bold as to accept neither of those scenarios and tell you that my favorite atmospheres to share music in are…(drum roll) Small Amphitheaters! Preferably outdoors. You know those kinds of places where there isn’t a bad seat, the very last row could still hurl an empty bottle and reach the stage, and the sound doesn’t have to ricochet off of gigantic Viagra adverts before reaching the budding ears of concert goers on a quest for an audio-visual experience.

Celebration of connecting with fans was a large theme behind the HQ, what does your personal connection to your fans mean to you?

They are the reason we are still here. After over twenty years making music. Far past our moment in the sun. It warmed my heart to see them so enthusiastic and willing to emote, but as well to watch the diversity in amongst them. From age to hair color and skinny jeans to baggy.

What do you attribute to your ability to keep coming up with new ways to showcase your music?

That’s a great question! I wrestle with it occasionally when I am in need of answers to potentially unanswerable queries. Today I will chalk it up to restlessness.

In the DVD you all showed off your ability to play different instruments, what is your favorite role to take over in the band that is out of the norm for you?

All of us want to be the drummer. But I kind of love playing the bass too…

We had a chance to watch the new DVD and if you love music at all — you will apperciate the expeirnce that Incubus created, it’s a must see!