BUZZNET Exclusive: Brandon Boyd On Incubus On The Honda Civic Tour 2012

Incubus are currently headlining the Honda Civic Tour, so we had the band’s front man Brandon Boyd give us some scoop on what fans can look forward to during this tour! Kaleidoscope anyone?

The band is headlining the Honda Civic tour this summer, can you share anything special with us that you have planed for the tour?

This tour will be a romp through the multi-sensory kaleidoscope that has been the last two decades of song with Incubus! Being the last tour behind ‘If Not Now, When?’ it will also be an occasion for us to celebrate this album cycle and I am sure will have a sort of ‘send off’ vibration. You know how when the bell rings to signify that school is out for Summer and all the kids go nuts and tear their clothes off, pull their books in half, throw all their homework into giant bonfires on the playground, and start dancing around Maypoles that may or may not have been their on school property already? It’s going to be just like that. Yes, I went to a very liberal public school.

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