BUZZNET Exclusive: Audrey Kitching’s High School Fashion Flashback

What is one thing you wore in high school that you would NEVER wear now? EVERYTHING High school was a long time ago for me think 2000 the millennium. Flare, glitter jeans, spray tans, super tight weird printed shirts haha … I mean yeah definitely everything. Oh and can’t forget the Avril trend… ugh.

Did your high school have a dress code? Kinda, I didn’t go to a private school or anything but you just couldn’t dress to provocative.. although I look back at some of my outfits and they were way more sexy then anything I would wear now ha! I think when a girl starts to get a figure it’s kinda like a secret weapon and they like to use it.

What is one of your current favorite fashion trends you can recommend to everyone to rock at school? PRINTS! I learned to mix my prints from the Japanese years ago and im so stoked it’s in high fashion now. Mixing prints is so much fun and you can’t do it wrong. Just experiment and have fun with it.

What is your advice to everyone on the stress put on them over “what is cool and what is in right now”? Oh who cares I wear whatever I want. You’re better off feeling really confident in something simple and chic then going over the top on trends and feeling out of your comfort zone. Confident is the most attractive accessory ever.

If you could bring back a trend you rocked in high school what would it be? Glitter, I wore A LOT of glitter.