‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Gets A Shocking New Ending!

With the Twilight Saga coming to an end in just a matter of months, Twi-hards are gearing up for the final flick, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. Of course, if you’re a true Twilight fan, you’ve most likely read all the books – leaving not much of a surprise for knowing the ending. Twilight fans rejoice: the element of surprise is still upon you! Turns out that the book finale is TOTALLY different from the movie finale.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a completely different finale was “dreamed up” by author Stephenie Meyer and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg one night over dinner. The finale is way different from the way the books originally ended – and that alternate finale has made the cut and will be the ending for the final Twilight movie.

Edward Cullen himself couldn’t believe his eyes, with Robert Pattinson telling EW:

“When I first read the script, I got to that part and was like, ‘What?’ And then I had to go back a page. It does it a serious justice.”

His on-screen (and former off-screen) love Kristen Stewart seems to really love it, saying: “It’s clearly made by someone who really cares. That’s why Bill Condon is perfect. Thank God for him.”

There you have it: approval from the biggest stars on the film!

What do you suspect the alternate finale will be?