Ashlee Holmes Talks About High School Relationships

Hey! So, BUZZNET sent me over a few questions to answer for your guys about high school, relationships and crushes. Check out what I had to say below: BN: Did you ever get into a serious relationship in high school?

AH: I did. I mean, as serious as a high school relationship gets I guess. My best friend and I dated sort of off and on through high school. Then, summer before Senior year he told me that he loved me and he wanted to either be in a relationship or he couldn’t be my friend anymore. I chose to be in a relationship with him. A few months later, he cheated on me. He had been cheating on me the whole time. I was completely crushed, it drove me crazy. He was definitely my first heartbreak. Our friendship has never been repaired. In the end it was for the best. He was a douche. Fast forward 5 years and I am now with the most amazing guy in the world. Everything ends up the way it’s supposed to be. I couldn’t be happier.

BN: What is your advice on how to handle the pressure of relationships that high school sets on kids these days?

AH: Stay true to you. Keep your standards high. Don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to do. Also, I don’t want to sound negative but the statistics for the number of couples who date in high school that get married and stay together are pretty low. So know that you MAY NOT find your soul mate in high school, and that’s perfectly okay. Trust me. Don’t just jump into a relationship or compromise your morals because you feel the pressure to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Also, don’t feel like a loser if you don’t even have the option to do so. There’s a whole other world out there outside of high school, be patient. Have fun with your friends. Have fun in general. Enjoy being young. If it’s meant to be it’ll be.

BN: Do you remember your first high school crush? Celebrity crush?

AH: My first high school crush was a guy named, Chris Hogan. He was friends with my cousins (still is). I don’t think he ever knew who I was. I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t know who I am lol. I haven’t had a crush on him since my freshman year of high school though, and I have a boyfriend. It’s all good. Fun fact: He actually plays for the Miami Dolphins now. Good for him!!

My first celebrity crush was probably Nick Lachey. I still love that man. I was a HUGE fan of 98 Degrees. I even watched the Newlyweds, I own all the seasons on DVD. He’s an incredibly underrated musician. His song resolution is one of my favorites. Plus, Have you seen his eyes, muscles and pouty lips? Sold. lol 😉

BN: If you could choose any current celebrity to have been your prom date who would it be?

AH: Hmm… I think I’d have to go with Liam Hemsworth. However, Justin Timberlake might be a better dancer, and Ashton Kutcher is pretty awesome. Any of those would have been great.

BN: What is one funny memory from a date or a relationship that stands out to you still?

AH: One time I was getting ready for a date with this guy, and I was nervous. I had never really been an an actual date before, I was a little frantic. I had my friend Yordano come over to help me get ready. I was looking for the perfect jewelry to wear, and I had this Betsey Johnson watch that didn’t work anymore, but it looked soooooo cute with my outfit. My friend Yordano told me to wear the watch anyway, so I did. When my date and I got to the restaurant, we both turned off our phones. At one point during the date, my date asked me what time it was. I would look like a fool turning my phone back on to see what time it was when I was wearing a watch. I figured I would also look like a fool if I was wearing a watch that didn’t tick. However, I accepted defeat and bashfully admitted that my watch didn’t work anymore. I noticed that my date was wearing a watch though, so I said, “Why don’t you check your watch?” and giggled. He laughed and then he also bashfully admitted that his watch didn’t tick anymore either. I just thought it was really cute and it’s always been one of those fun memories of mine. Update: That guy and I are still friends, and both in happy relationships of our own 🙂