Ashlee Holmes On High School

Buzznet sent me over some questions about high school. See what I had to say below! Also, feel free to check out this gallery of some random pictures from my high school experience.

BN: Was the first day of High School as scary for you as “they” make it seem

AH: Not at all. I remember having the feeling of butterflies ( the bad kind ). It’s definitely intimidating, but not as intense as television shows and movies make it seem. It is a big transition, but nothing you can’t handle. My highschool was basically 5 middle schools merging into one school. I was definitely nervous, but everything turned out fine.

BN: Did you have a favorite class? Least Favorite?

AH: I LOVED psychology. I also enjoyed history, english & art. Basically, ANY CLASS but math. My least favorite class has ALWAYS been math. I was actually told my senior year of high school that I have a learning disability in math. It explained a lot. I was able to get extra time on the math portion of my SATS –and I still did horrible on that section lol.

BN: Any special memories from school Dances/ Prom/ Homecoming etc? Did you attend them?

AH: My high school never did Homecomings. How lame is that?! We would have homecoming games, but it was never anything special. I did LOVEEEE going to prom though. Not even for the actual experience of the prom, because to be honest it was mostly bad songs. I just loved an excuse to get pretty and hang out with friends. I went to prom for the first time my sophomore year. I went with a senior at another school’s prom when I was a junior. Plus, my school’s junior prom. Then, I had senior prom. I wish I could go to a prom evey week lol. I love spending a whole day getting hair and make up done and getting a nice airbrushed tan. The best part is putting on a beautiful dress. I love proms. The tradition for highschoolers in New Jersey for prom is going down the shore afterwards. We would all get a shore house or stay in a motel for the weekend. It can get pretty chaotic, BUT so much fun.

BN: What is the best advice you can give about these kids starting freshman year of High School this fall?

AH: For starters, I would say to not take anyone’s opinion of you seriously. Just be yourself. I got bullied soooooooo bad in high school. I probably got made of the most. Especially once the first season of ‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey‘ aired. I just was NOT cool. Now? Almost all of the kids who were mean to me in high school have reached out to congratulate me on my success. Some of them even try to act like we used to be friends. So, just be yourself. Stay true to you. Forget what other people have to say. Don’t try to be cool or fit in. Do it on your own terms.

Also, definitely savor the moments of being in high school. Have gratitude, be yourslef and have as much fun as possible! I’m sure everyone says the same thing about high school, but it really does go by so fast. It seems slow when you’re in it, but TRUST ME it goes by fast. I’ve been out of highschool for 4 years and it’s CRAZY to me that I’ve been out of high school for the amount of time that I spent in it. I’m still waiting to start back in September lol. I don’t know when I’m going to accept that that just isn’t going to happen again. I also think that if it’s possible to be a part of a sports team or a club, do it. It’s such an awesome way to make friends with people, and it just adds to your memories.


BN: One thing you wish you knew then that you know now?

AH: That “being cool” isn’t that important. In the words of my favorite person, Keltie Colleen, “Cool is way overrated. You know what is way better than cool? Happy. Ya know? Or like, thankful. To have gratitude for like, the people that you love. That’s way better than cool. Nutella, better than cool. Ya Know? There’s just better things in life than trying to fit in I guess. If I had a drum I’d beat it. My own… drum.. Get it?! ” — lol She is 100% correct. Remember those words.