Artist Spotlight: FRANK + DEROL

From time to time I come across some music I fall in love with and think you guys might like as well. I came across a new song from LA duo FRANK + DEROL recently — and right away was in music love. The song is called “Barley Love You Too” and I have listened to it non-stop.

FRANK + DEROL is made up of Codi Caraco and Brandi Cyrus who met five years ago while on tour and then one night decided to start writing music together. The girls brought together their different musical influences to create a sound they both love with beautiful harmonies and subtle catchy hooks.

“We began making the music that we’d always wanted to make,” says Codi. Brandi agrees: “The roughness of those tours, the two of us just playing acoustic—it made us grow up as artists, and our songs did too.”

If I HAD to give you a comparison I would say if you like Tegan And Sara this might be for you. I am going to suggest taking a look at their stuff and keep an eye out for their EP this September and their first full-length album set to drop in 2013. #musicrules.

What do you think of the song?

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