Artist Of The Month: Honor Society

Hello and welcome to Artist Of The Month! Every month I pick a band/artist that holds a special place in my heart and well, I write about them. I also like to refer to it as “sharing the wealth.” 😉

This month I have a special one for you! So sit back, relax, and allow me to attempt to be a good storyteller…

Once upon a time (2008) in a land far far away (Brooklyn) I discovered a band on MySpace (wait, what’s that again?) that not only won over my ears, but my heart as well. That band was Honor Society.

Since then, Michael Bruno, (vocals/guitar), Jason Rosen, (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Andrew Lee, (bass/vocals) and Alexander Noyes (drums/vocals) have been on eight successful tours and shared the stage with a number of renowned artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Neon Trees, Timbaland, and Buzznet’s very own Katelyn Tarver to name a few. They’ve released two albums, Fashionably Late in 2009, which debuted at #18 on the Billboard 200, and A Tale Of Risky Business, Part 2 last fall, which debuted at the #133 position on the Billboard 200 and #29 on the Independent Album charts. As if that isn’t incredible enough, they’ve managed to raise over $54,000 through their Kickstarter campaign to fund a brand new EP and tour! Seriously, is there anything these guys can’t do?! *swoon*

Honor Society is currently on tour this summer with Allstar Weekend! Go here for all tour dates! Make sure you hit the merch booth for your free download card for their new song, “Serendipity.” Also, if any of you are going to the August 10th show at Irving Plaza, come say hi! I promise I don’t bite 😛

I’ll leave you guys with two songs to get hyped up about. Enjoy and please don’t forget to share, buzz, and comment! 🙂