My Advice On High School Relationships

Hey Guys,

Just in time for back to school season I wanted to put togther a gallery of my very own high school reltionship memories along with some pictures from back in the day!! Check it out…

Nowadays, when I hear the words “relationship” and “High School” in the same sentence I get anxiety. Every girl watches shows on TV which demonstrate the picture perfect high school life. When in reality, we all know it’s not really like that (cough One Tree Hill, GLEE, The O.C, Zoey 101)

I, myself, did fall into the typical high school dating life category. I dated a Varsity football player who was two grades older than me and I thought I was the coolest thing to walk the hallways of Chardon, Ohio. I was the captain of the dance team, wearing his jersey for pep rallies, going to practices and games standing in the front, putting his number on my cheek.

While he was graduating and moving onto college we continued our relationship, thinking it was never going to end, I thought he was the one for me. We talked about marriage, houses, the whole bit. Now when I look back I want to slap seventeen year old Dani across the face. Girls that I went to school with always worried about what other people would think about who they were dating, not actually who they were dating. If you really get along with someone who seems like a computer nerd or too “artsy,” then go for it. You will have a much better time than faking your way through a relationship with someone who you think will impress your friends. I know a lot of star football players from high school who are still living through that one touchdown they had in 2005. Not quite as appealing seven years later. I don’t regret my choices from back then because I did learn a lot of invaluable lessons, but if I knew then what I know now my time would have been better shared between my friends, family, boyfriend, school, and dance. That is probably the biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone in high school; divide your time well! It will help make you a balanced person, and if anything ever goes wrong (ie: a bad breakup) you will still have a solid life foundation to hold you up and fall back on.