5 Ways To Stay BFFs Even When You’re Far Apart

College is super-exciting when it comes to the idea of starting a brand new school and essentially a whole new chapter of your life. With excitement lurking in every corner, you just might overlook one minor detail: your best friend is going to another school far away! Whether it’s a few hours away, a few states away or on the other side of the world, it doesn’t make it any easier. Before you and your bestie drop out of college before you even begin, here are some ways to stay BFFs even when you’re far apart:

1. Stay in touch via the Internet. With Internet easily accessible on practically every square inch of college campuses throughout the nation, it’s a lot easier to stay in touch with loved ones. After all, you don’t need to spend money and run out to get stamps and you don’t need to rack up your phone bill. IM and Skype are incredible inventions!

2. Call each other at least once a week. While the Internet is amazing, hearing your bestie’s voice is also comforting. Phone dates, while not better than the real deal, are pretty great.

3. Visit each other once a semester. Depending on your budget and how far away you both are, make it a point to visit once a semester. Take turns if need be.

4. Send some snail mail at least once a month. Keep each other in the loop and make it heartfelt by sending After all, who doesn’t like receiving real mail?

5. Set up a get together around each other’s schedules. The beauty of the holidays and summer breaks is that it’s the time where everyone tends to go home to visit family – aka the perfect time to get together with your BFF and pick up where you left off!

How would you stay friends with your BFF when they’re far away?