5 Ways NOT To Dress For The Workplace

Personally, I love writing about fashion in the workplace and I’m obsessed with clothes for in the office and outside of the office. I love admiring the styles of successful men and women. I’m constantly asked about the biggest mistakes people make when dressing for the workplace – here is a quick list I compiled. Enjoy! Note: The above pictures is with one of my favorite LA stylists at my shoot for the BBM Challenge!

  • SHORT SHORTS. Even “tailored shorts” are pushing it. If you want to show a little bit of leg – opt for a skirt that’s an appropriate length. But keep your shorts at home – no matter how hot it is outside. The only time they are acceptable is if the dress code for your office clearly states that.
  • SKINNY STRAPS.Remember, we are dressing for the workplace – not for the beach. Depending on your environment, tank tops might be appropriate. Even when they are, avoid the skinny straps and anything too “sexy”. You want to look and act like a professional and not give anyone the wrong ideas.
  • HIGH HEELS AND SHORT SKIRTS. Be Aware of The Length of Your Skirt and the Height of Your Heels. I like a good pair of platforms shoes more than anyone, but they have to be workplace appropriate. Often times, women come into the office in a short skirt or dress paired with very high shoes and it makes them look like they are going to a club instead of to the office. Make sure your skirt or dress is the appropriate length and comes to right above your knees (old fashioned rule) and platforms are only acceptable in a more “fashionable/trendy” work environment.
  • TOO MANY ACCESSORIES. Everyone has a personal style and we want you to represent that – but it must be workplace appropriate. My advice is to go for one “pop” accessory. I talk about this in my book. Experiment with a chunky necklace or a cool cocktail ring. Try not to pile on too many accesories in the workplace. You want to be known for your great work ethic and personality – not necessarily as the person who wears too many distractions.
  • LOW CUT TOPS. V-necks are okay in the office but make sure you watch how low they go! The same thing goes for button down tops – they don’t need to be buttoned all of the way – but you should only have a little bit of skin showing. When you look in the mirror – your smiling face should be the first thing people notice – not your cleavage. Be careful 🙂