5 Simple Tips To Keep You Organized This School Year

In order to have a smooth, successful school year it is essential to stay organized. For some when it comes to school, organization might seem pointless, but it’s actually the key to having a successful school year. Being organized helps keep all your priorities straight during a busy school year and helps you not to forget anything important. Organization will also help you during the school year in many other ways. Here are a few, simple tips on how to stay organized this school year.

1. Use a Planner

Having a planner during the school year will keep you so much more organized. For your planner have a small, blank, notebook. Have a new page for each day and date each new page according to that day. When a teacher gives you an assignment write it down in your planner and make a small box next to it so when you have completed that assignment you can check it off. Also, write down the name of the subject and the due date. This will help you to remember all of the homework you will have to complete. You can also use your planner to make a list of things you need to do that day. After each day rip out each used page from your planner so you won’t get your pages mixed up or just use a sticky note as a book mark so you will use the right page.

2. Use Dividers

Using dividers is essential if you want to stay organized during school. Dividers help keep all of your papers organized. When using dividers you need to label each tab according to what papers will go in that section. Organize your papers by putting returned papers, homework, instructions, tests, and exc. in one section of the dividers.

3. Buy Durable School Supplies

Buying durable school supplies like binders, pencils, pens, backpacks, and etc… pays off in the end. When you buy durable school supplies your supplies will be less likely to fall apart which will leave you much more organized in the long run. Try to buy binders with plastic covers instead of paper because the plastic binders are much more likely to not break through the long school year. Also, try to find a binder with securable rings so your papers won’t fall out and become unorganized or lost. When buying a backpack or bag try to find one made out of a sturdy material that is less likely to rip. Also try to find a backpack with durable zippers that won’t get caught every time you try to unzip your bag or backpack. And when your trying to buy pens and pencils make sure they aren’t cheap and flemzy so they won’t bend and break easily. Sometimes buying durable school supplies can be a little bit more expensive but in the long run it is completely worth it.

4. Keep Your Locker Clean and Organized

Instead of just piling and shoving your books in your locker, organize them horizonally with the binding of the book facing you so you can easily select the book you need for your next class. Also, make sure you clean out your locker daily, throwing away any trash and taking home anything that doesn’t belong in your locker. Using a locker shelf is also a great way to keep your locker organized.

5. Throw Away Any Unneeded Papers

A way to keep your binders organized is by going through your binders and throwing away any unneeded papers. This will give space for more papers and will make your binders less heavy. Before you throw away any of your old papers ask your teacher if its okay in case you will ever use them again.

With these five, simple tips you should be much more organized and prepared for this coming school year!