30 Tips To Rocking A Fall Music Festival!

We all know Fall means back-to-school and saying good-bye to carefree, lazy summer days. However, Fall also means the begining of Autumn music festivals and in order to make the most of a your show going experience, we have 30 tips to show everyone that you were born to rock and not just hit the books!

1. Buy your tickets early to make sure you won’t be standing outside the venue listening!

2. Wear an outfit you feel good in.

3. Stay hydrated and fed to keep your energy up for rocking out!

4. Sing along to every song you know.

5. Make new friends with fellow fans around you!

6. Don’t leave without buying a piece of merch from your favorite band.

7. Make sure you have on comfortable shoes!

8. Have a camera on-hand, even if it’s just your phone to capture awesome stage shots.

9. Keep hair ties handy to put your hair up in case you get too sweaty from dancing.

10. Go with your best band buddy.

11. Bring a sharpie to get autographs from your favorite musicians.

12. Get your picture taken with your rock idol.

13. Send out tweets to share your experience with friends who couldn’t come.

14. Keep a smile on your face!

15. Don’t wait until you’re dying to use the bathroom.

16. Keep your money in a safe and secure place. Front pockets are usually best!

17. Agree on a meeting spot with your friends in case you get separated.

18. Try crowd surfing if the opportunity presents itself! Everyone has to do it once in their life!

19. Convince a friend who has never been to a festival to go with you.

20. Call a far away friend and hold your phone up during a song so they can listen.

21. Make sure you have a safe ride to and from the venue.

22. Keep band-aids in your purse or pocket! You never know when a blister might strike!

23. Have something warm to wear if the festival goes late.

24. Wear a crazy hairstyle! Festivals are a time to be a little over the top.

25. Keep a travel size deodorant in your purse.

26. Carry a fresh back of gum or mints to pop to keep your breath fresh around cute guys.

27. Try to keep your purse or bag small so you don’t feel weighed down.

28. Take time to watch a band you don’t know. You might become a new fan!

29. Save your ticket stub to remind you of your fun time!

30. Avoid anyone overly intoxicated and stay in well lit areas!