3 Quick Ways To Find The Job You Want

Since I’m relatively new to the Buzznet community, I wanted to make sure that everyone knows my feelings about the job and internship application process. It’s so important to pick where you want to work and then do everything and anything you can to work there. I have so many friends who are between ages 15-30 that have “dream jobs” but when it comes time to apply for opportunities, they only go after what’s “available”. They spend hours on Monster and CareerBuilder looking for opportunities that are available and not concentrating on what they want to do. Here are a few steps you can take to stay focused and apply for the jobs you WANT rather than what is AVAILABLE.

1. Put together your “Intern Queen Dream List” or “Target List” of companies. Come on, think big. Where do you WANT to work? Identify that company and write it down. Then come up with a list of companies that are similar in the location where you’d like to work. Make sure you apply for at least 10 opportunities at a time.

2. Start Researching. Go to their website and click on the Careers section. Absorb all of the information you can. Additionally, read more about the company. Make sure this really is the company of your dreams. Go through each company on your dream list and identify any job deadlines, opportunities, or contact names. Also make note of the materials you need to apply. Write this in your list.

3. Use LinkedIn and Social Media. LinkedIn is my favorite “stalking” tool. Look up these companies and see if you are “connected” to any of these executives. In today’s world everyone knows everyone, you never know who might be connected to someone at your dream company. If you find someone that is connected to you, reach out to your friend “in common” and ask for an introduction.

It’s fine to scan some of the big jobsites every once in a while. But for the most part, go after what you want to do. You never know what is available until you look and ask. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want…you never know what can happen!