Why You Should Watch Internet Icon

As I’ve said in past blogs, I love getting on Youtube. One of my favorite things to do on Youtube is to watch original Youtube series. You are probably thinking “A show on Youtube”? but it is actually becoming more and more common. One of my favorite shows on Youtube is a show called Internet Icon. Each week a new episode is posted on a Youtube channel called Yomyomf at 8/7 PM central on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Internet Icon is a competition for film makers and actors that are wanting to make it big on Youtube. Many people auditioned to be a contestant on Internet Icon, but the Judges narrowed it down to the top 10. Each episode the contestants are given a new video making challange. The contestants have a day to film,write,and edit there videos before they present it to the judges. The contestants are only allowed to film at the Los Angeles Center Studios and they can only use the props and actors in the iconography room. Each episode the judges elimenate one contestant until they find the next Internet Icon. The host of Internet Icon is Chester See. The judges are Ryan Higa, who is the number two most subscribed on Youtube and actress Christine Lakin. There will also be very popular Youtubers that will be guest judges like Jenna Marbles, Kassem G, Mystery Guitar Man, Dave Days, and many more. The 10 contestants are Dayside Productions, Fu Music, Joey Held, Justin James Hughes, Kyle Hatch, Lanna McKissack, Marlin Chan, Tahir Moore, Team Morgan, and Brothers Riedell. Out of the 10 contestants I’m going to name my top 3, the contestants that stand out to me. My favorite contestant on the show is Justin James Hughes. Justin is hilarious and seems to have a very creative and layed back personality. It almost seems as if the ideas for the videos automatically pop into his head the moment the judges tell them what there video challange is for the week.

My second favorite contestant is Team Morgan. Team Morgan is a couple who makes videos together. Their videos consist of many characters. They are both very funny, but when they work together it adds something special that they both couldn’t do alone. My third favorite contestant is Lana McKissak. Lanna is the only girl on the show that is working by herself. Lanna seems very independent and is very funny and bright. She also has a very friendly, warm personality which alows her to connect well with the audience, which is extremely important when it comes to Youtube. Even though these three are my favorite contestants, I predict that the Brothers Riedell will win because their videos are very high quality and well put together. Also they seem to be the judges favorite contestant.

Internet Icon has become one of my favorite shows. One of the reasons I love it is because I’ve never seen a show like it. Another reason I love it is because the contestants are hilarious and it shows how much work and dedication it really takes to make a great video. Even though the season is almost half way over, its never to late to start watching it! Just go to the Yomyomf channel and all of the epsiodes that have come out so far will be on there //www.youtube.com/yomyomf . If you are interested in watching the show go get caught up now before the next epsiode comes out! Heres the first episode. Hope you watch it!