Get Shorty: Summer Shorts That Will Transition Smoothly To Fall

You might be sitting there looking at your comptuer (and by proxy, me) thinking “Um, Summer is practically over why would I even be bothered buying shorts now??? Show me some jackets or something.” To which I respond: I will GLADLY show you a plethora of jackets very soon, as I love jackets and they love me, but hear me out on the shorts thing. While shorts are definitely a traditional hot weather item (as they show much skin and also allow for much mobility during fun Summer activities like biking or prancing), they also transition beautifully into fall with just a quick pair of tights and a snug sweater. And in this tough times economy, who doesn’t like an item that can perform double (or triple) season duty? NO ONE THAT’S WHO.

So let’s buy some shorts, people. Click through the gallery and comment on your favorites.


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