Tour Flashback: Sleeping With Sirens

Hey guys,

So if you haven’t already been informed from my past posts, I used to tour with multiple bands! I have had so many crazy memories with all of them but one tour will always stand out to me, my first legit tour ever. On that tour I was tour managing and merching for today’s Nsync AKA Sleeping With Sirens (I KNOW OMG… EEK YOU LOVE KELLIN QUINN!! :p) Anyways, I was going through old Facebook photos and came across my “America Underwater Tour” album which was from Winter 2010. That tour was incredible and it included: Sleeping With Sirens (who were the openers BTW), Of Machines, Four Letter Lie and Love Hate Hero.

SO…If you are into fun, music, attractive folk and America…I highly suggest you check out the gallery of me and the boys. I also posted a video below from that tour 🙂

RIP BFyfe<3


What is YOUR favorite Sleeping With Sirens Song?