Three For Free: Kids In Glass Houses Release Rarities And Remixes For Free

Here’s a little something to get you through hump day – free music. As always, three glorious free downloads have been chosen for you, by me but there’s a difference today as this latest feature contains music from only one artist – Kids In Glass Houses. The Welsh rock band have declared Wednesday as their day for sharing music with fans so expect £0.00 cost price downloads to be a new regular feature from this five piece. May your hump days forever be blessed with MPFrees (and accompanying nostalgia-inducing year appropriate photos)

“Satan’s Cellar”

Also known as “No Better”, the B-side to ‘Saturday’s demo has seen the light of day again thanks to KIGH’s giveaway. According to (the always accurate source of) a YouTube video description [my journalistic research goes deep, my friends], drummer Philip Jenkins said that the band would never play the song live again after performing it at a special Kerrang! show in 2008. BUT with KIGH set to play their debut album ‘Smart Casual’ in its entirety at Fighting Cocks, Kingston (some tickets still available at time of writing), “Satan’s Cellar” will be appearing in their set.


“Maybe Tomorrow (Sin Along)”

If you think this song’s title sounds familiar, that’s because it is. ‘Maybe Tomorrow (Sin Along)’ is an alternative demo version of New Found Glory-featuring ‘DIRT’ album track (“you guessed it“) ‘Maybe Tomorrow’. Speaking about the original version, given away for free last week, lead singer Aled Phillips said “I always preferred this version, personally. Either way. Here it is. Free and gratis.” The band quickly exceeded their Soundcloud download limit so made it available on RapidShare.

LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE [N.B their RapidShare link now appears to be broken too – if you just happen to have a cassette recorder around, I suggest taping it. If you’re going to be a pirate, at least do it the old school way]

“Gold Blood (Remix)”

Another song which is having its alternative version aired is ‘Gold Blood’. The difference here is that instead of giving away the original, here is a re-imagining. After remixingDiamond Days‘, KIGH guitarist Iain Mahanty returns to the mixing decks to give another ‘In Gold Blood’ track a new lease of life.


Which is your favourite free download?

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