Stuff I Didn’t Need But Got Anyway: The Comic Con Edition

So Comic Con just hapened and omg my feet hurt. Let’s talk about a few things and then we’ll get into my little goodie bag of things that I am super excite about to do a share with you all about.

I really don’t.

I didn’t go to any panels – There’s a good reason for this. Since it was just me, there was no one to hold my place in line. Since I like to go to the restroom and eat food like a normal person, I decided against waiting EONS in lines. Yes, I know that’s sad, but whatever. There was still a lot to do.

I spent most of my time on the floor with all the toys and I had a panic attack or two because there were way too many people and I was crushed once or twice and it sucked.

Being inside a giant building with office lighting is really disorientating. I woke up a few times at night and I didn’t know what day it was. That was awesome.

Whatever. Let’s talk about stuff:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Stuff

If you didn’t know, TMNT is being brought back. Thing is, it’s all computer-y and it looks weird and it makes me upset. I still wish TMNT was in black and white. Heck, I’ll settle for the TMNT’s that had all red eye bandanas or w/e those are called.

N E MEWS, they were doing this thing at Comic Con where you could accomplish missions and get stuff. I only wanted a hat and so I went to way far to go and get it. I am a foot soldier AKA the bad guys. They were the best. I mean other than the Mousers. Oh and Krang. LOL Krang sucked he was always getting foiled in the cartoon.

Death & Zombie Jesus

I got a cool book full of reprints by this dude that drew Death. Death was a character from The Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman and she was my favey. She even had her own comic way back when called Death: The High Cost of Living. I remember getting those when I was in high school at some janky comic book shop on the edge of town when no one gave a crap about comics. IM OLD YAY

Zombie Jesus is also a little comic and it’s kind of bad ass. I needed a shirt tho so I could make my mom angry. Also, my mom has Instagram and she comments on EVERYTHING. My nephew blocked her from his Facebook once lolz

Doctor Who/Mew

I HAD to buy this. Mostly the image on the left is a limited edition print and it was $10 so I was all UGH GIMMIE IT. Then I got some Doctor Mew stuff because well CATS and MAGNETS.

I needed these because of reasons.

There was this rad booth that had all these silk screen prints in sort of a steampunk motif and I liked it. That’s where the Lucha Libre poster came from. I need to frame it. I got the Rocketeer poster from some angry lady that just wanted my money. Whatever.

Well isn’t this cute

I got a Miyazaki button because I love all his films. I am working on buying them all. That little skeleton is from some dude Mike Egan and my sister had me hunt it down. Then we has a Katamari doll and I love me some Katamari. I also found a Cute-thulu doll so I got that because I need to cuddle it at night and dream of nightmares. Ya’Ryleh.

Sprocket and Gear – Click that link for more awesome

This is Sprocket and Gear. They are a mouse and a cat that were orphans and then they were raised by a scientist and then something happened and they were on the street. They make all these inventions so they can steal food and things happen and it’s awesome.

I talked to the artist for a while and he signed my stuff and drew me some doodles and I like that. I like when people are nice to me.

Stuff I am going to read in the future

So here are some comics and graphic novels and things I am going to read beecause that’s what you do with them. Let’s talk about the pics top to bottom, left to right:

Dreamless – This graphic novel is about an American girl and a Japanese boy that dream about each others lives even though they have never met. Then, their countries go to war and things happen.

Mystic Revolution – The author said this was about online gaming and drinking and then I stopped her right there and said I will buy it. Check out that link for a way mas better description.

Mongrel: Son Of A Bitch – This is an urban horror comic about some dude that wants to destroy an established werewolf pack in the Chi.

Dancing with Jack Ketch – This is about an escaped slave that becomes a pirate captain and a bad ass.

Boilerplate – This is about a robot that is interjected into actual history. It’s REALLY COOL. Mostly the dude that wrote it made a scale model of the robot and photoshop’d it into all these historical photos and it’s going to be amazing.

Sorry my descriptions are SUPER SHITTY but my eyes hurt and I haven’t cracked any of these open yet. I can’t wait to get reading and then buying more stuff from these people.

I got to talk to all the people that made these comics and art and that was pretty bad ass. They were so stoked to talk about their work and sign things for me. Everyone was super nice and the dude that did the art + story for Dreamless walked me to another booth that was hella far so I could put it on my daddy’s VISA. LOVING IT.

Anyway, that’s all! Please go check out the links and stuff! Be awesome! Party on!