Photo Diary- Lebanon

Hi babies!

I just took a crazy whirlwind trip to Lebanon to play the annual NRJ Music Tour. I was there for 36 hours and flew probably like 48 hours total. Insanity!

I just got back and now I’m in my bed, working on a track that I have a deadline on and making you this gallery. In a nutshell…in Lebanon you just don’t know what you’ll get – there might be 5 dancers suddenly appearing during your live TV show performance which no one tells you about. lol. However, the food is incredible, the table is filled as if you’re a royalty, people are really friendly and the climate is amazing, especially at night.

Their culture is kind of a mix between the Western world with most people being Christian and pretty liberal but still having some Muslim people as well, my favorite moment actually was when during sunset, they played this male voice reciting the quran to remind people it’s time to bow to Allah somewhere so that the whole city was filled with the sparse voice. It was magical.

I also had the best club experience ever at Sky Bar Beirut. I never go to clubs here because the places in LA are so cheesy but I really had an amazing time at Sky Bar. It’s an open space with an almost infinity bar where all the girls were gorgeous but dressed kinda chic. No bulging fake tits or guys grabbing your ass. It was classy but euphoric. The best club experience I’ve ever had.

The show itself was pretty fun, I got to see some of my homies who were also performing – Chris Willis (who is like the nicest person in the world), Neon Hitch who seems to be everywhere I am these days and finally met Anjulie who I have a lot of common friends with. I also met some cool Lebanese pop stars. As I said, everyone is really nice there…<3

It’s 4:53…I better get my ass to sleep, hope you enjoy my little photo diary and like my Zero Gravity/Lebanon inspired DIY outfit.

love you