Song Obsession: “Sorry” by Gypsy & The Cat

Hello and welcome to a little segment I like to call Song Obsession! Basically, its just me rambling on about a song I love to pieces and you just sitting there like

Anywho, there’s this band I’ve loved for about two years now called Gypsy & The Cat. They’re an indie synthpop duo consisting of Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers hailing from Melbourne, Australia. I know what you’re thinking: “well, which one is the gypsy and which one is the cat?” and trust me, they get that question a lot, but I really don’t know, so umm yeah…

Gypsy & The Cat’s album, Gilgamesh, has been a staple in my house ever since I got my hands on an import that I cherish with my life. Sadly, all of the good bands aren’t acknowledged so well here in the US but I do remember hearing a few of their songs on The CW’s hit, 90210 last season. They’re getting ready to release their second album this summer and they premiered their new single, “Sorry,” today!

Take a listen:

“Sorry” will be released on iTunes August 6th. Not sure if that’s worldwide but I’m hoping that it is!

For more info on Gypsy & The Cat, visit their official website here.