Snooki Caught Pushing A Stroller Full Of Beer

Earlier this month our favorite Jersey Shore girl was snapped pushing a stroller full of beer and soda. Snooki with her baby bump showing pushed the stroller down to the beach for a bonfire in the Jersey Shore. Finally Snooki has decided to explain. Heres what Snooki had to say:

“I don’t know why that picture’s a big deal. We were having a bonfire and everyone was carrying the tables and the chairs. Obviously I cannot lift anything like that, because I’m pregnant, so I decided to use my stroller and everyone put everything that they wanted [in it]. Drinks and stuff. And then I strolled it down to the beach. Obviously I wasn’t drinking it. People just take me way too seriously.”

What do you think? Does it look bad for pregnant Snooki to be pushing around beer in a stroller or was she just trying to help her friends?