Question of the Day: What Do You Want To Get Rid Of?

The question above is probably misleading. I don’t want to talk about your emoshunal baggage and what not. I want to talk about things in your apartment, house, living quarters. You know, it’s like our spring cleaning that we missed by a few months and a season. Yay!

Look at Moo. She is here to illustrate things I want to get rid of in my apartment.

The tile in my kitchen is kind of gross. I don’t like it. The view out my window also needs to go.That nasty ass carpet needs to vacate.

That’s what I would get rid of. The carpet mostly is gross and I wish it would die. I want a hardwood floor of Brazil Nut Wood. If I had a hardwood floor, Moo wouldn’t get strawberry stains on it like she did in the third photo. Friggin’ Moo.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I can’t think of anything really because I woke up at 4 in the morning and yay. Not really. Tell me about things you want to get rid of in your house. This is a weird QOTD. We’ve had worse. Are you ready? GO!

What do you want to get rid of?