Question of the Day: Things You’ve Never Done Before?

There are things in life that everyone else seems to do but me. A lot of my amigos have been to Europe recently and I have no idea how that happened. They’ve been on fun-employment for the longest and they just up and left to Europe for a while.

Goodbye Scotland, hello Sweden by Clarisa

Granted, when I was a wee lad, I used to live in Germany. I had my fair share of throwning rocks at boats in Rhine. It was a good time. I just haven’t been there for vacation or anything.

A lot of my friends are also engaged and getting married. That hasn’t happened to me, at least not really. I don’t think it ever will because that is gross.

Anyway, for today’s question, think of things that your friends have done but you haven’t yet. Are some of the things your friends do things that you want to do? Why haven’t you done them yet? I will give you a hug if you’ve stayed away from booze and drugs. Are you ready? GO!

What things have your friends done that you haven’t?