Question of the Day: People Ruiners

Happy Monday, Buzznet! Did you all have a nice weekend? Did you do anything fun? I hope you did. If you didn’t, that would make me sad and stuff.

Anyway, let’s talk about people:

We like Laura.

We all run into people. Whether it’s at school, work, through other friends, etc., you are going to probably meet some of these “people.” That’s fine. It happens. There are a lot of us on this planet so chances are, you are going to end up meeting some.

Sometimes, the people that you meet are really cool. Sometimes, you’ll have things and common and other things to talk about. That’s always fun. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. That is sad face. Sometimes, the more you find out about certain people, the more you find out that they are awful and you want nothing to do with them. That’s what this Question of the Day is about. Let’s talk about those things.

You may leave now

So recently, a friend of mine tried to set me up with this other person and I can’t figure out why. This other person is awful. My favorite thing about this other person that I was being paired with is the following example that makes me hate people.

I guess these two dudes were together or some crap. Fine. Whatever. One day, my friend’s uncle died and the only thing his BF could ask was if he was put on a guest list to get into a club. That’s pretty crappy, right? HINT: YES.

Now, I know that people change. That’s all fine and dandy. Thing is, the more that I was told about this other person, the more their quirks in personality made sense. You know the type. Only calls you when they want something or is bored. Thinks they can get something out of you. So on and so forth. Basically, this person just uses people for what they want and then discards them afterward. That’s not cool.

That’s my people ruiner. My question for you is the following:

Have you ever found something out about someone that made you not want to talk to them?

Feel free to share. Or not. You can just hold me as I CRY. Kidding!