Question of the Day: What Is Your Favorite Summer Time Treat?

It doesn’t really feel like summer here in good ol’ Los Angeles. It gets warm outside but the mornings are usually full of gross cold and it’s really just kind of “meh.”


I haven’t even done anything really summer-y this summer. There was that whole walk 4 miles in the desert thing I did last week but other than that, nothing has really stood out as OMG ITS SUMMER yet. There’s still some time. Maybe I should do something awesome. Maybe the weather should suck less.

Maybe I need some ice cream. That actually sounds really num nums. Or shaved ice. IDK. Something. You all should give me ideas. That is your task today. I want to see what you all like to cool you off during summer. Drinks, snacks, nomz. Anything. Make it festive, like Breeetany:


Show me what your summer tastes like. That sounds weird. Are you ready? GO!

What’s your favorite summer time treat?