Style Profile: Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed is something else. The Twilight actress first became famous at the tender age of 15, after the movie Thirteen came out. Not only did she star in it, but she also co-wrote the script with family friend Catherine Hardwicke, based on her own teenage experience! Not bad for a high school student. These days the 24 year old is focusing on acting, starring as Rosalie Hale in the Twilight franchise as well as working on a slew of films slated to be released in 2013. Her personal style is all grown up now too, and while she keeps it youthful much like co-star Kristen Stewart, she more often hits the red carpet wearing outfits that are a bit more feminine and soft than her tomboyish pal.

Click through the gallery for some of Nikki’s best looks, and comment on your favorites. What do you think of Nikki’s style?


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