New Music Video For P.O.D.’s Song ‘Murdered Love’!

P.O.D. has just released a music video for their song “Murdered Love”! The video is directed by Ramon Boutviseth and features Sick Jaken of Psycho Realm.

The video shows a tortured man struggling to walk while binded by chains to a television while the band plays eerily in a smokey room. The video has an interesting and thought-provoking message about the role of technology in society, and there’s something that is simmultaneously creepy and enticing about the way it’s put together. The song itself will be on their album of the same title (Murdered Love), which will be available July 10. Until then, check out this video and be sure to pre-order the album!

Check out the video here, exclusively on Pure Volume!

What do you think of the video?