My New Britney Spears Fan Made Video: World Behind My Wall


This video is dedicated to Mel Tek for all the sweet words spent to me and my last video!

Here I am again with a new video, the last before I leave for a cruise of a week…

I worked pretty hard for this video even though it can seems so simple but it was a really old project I’ve never finished, so I thought to work it today and see how it could turn out and I’m satisfied of the result.

I chose “World Behind My Wall” (acoustic version) of Tokio Hotel… this song talks about how you can live with the fame… it’s so hard to have your privacy because paparazzi are everywhere and tabloids always try to threw you shit and stuff like that… so you are compelled to live lock in a world you didn’t expected and you really would like to see the world behind your wall and live in freedom…

This song really reflects Britney as much as Tokio Hotel.

I thought to put in the first part of the video Britney’s life pursued by paparazzi and the second part that starts after Bill says: “Wanna wake up in a dream” where I showed Britney’s normal life with her kids and her wonderful fiance Jason, with them she’s happy and free and this is exactly what I wish for her, a long and happy life in this way…. and in the end Bill says “take me there”, take me there in that world, in that magic world where finally I can live as I always wished.

I really hope you like it and if you aren’t interested to this video, don’t watch it and check out what you really want to see.

We are living in a free world where everyone is free to post anything likes here and it’s not necessary to always vote and comment on the videos…

So simply enjoy for a while this little video if you want!

For entertainment only (c)

Song: World Behind My Wall (acoustic version)

Artist: Tokio Hotel

Album: World Behind My Wall [Single]

Year: 2009

Label Record: Island Records/Universal Music