Mike Bruno’s Summer Of Love Tour Diary: Thoughts Of A Gentlemen

What’s up Buzznet! Michael from the band HONOR SOCIETY here. First off let me say I’m so excited to have this blog while the guys and I are on the Summer Love Tour. I’ll be giving you behind the scenes stories from the road, tips for traveling and my perspective on the concerts we’re playing!

Touring is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of being in a band. Different cities every night, the amazing fans, its really an amazing experience, I can’t believe we’re on our 8th one! The part you don’t really think about when you’re first starting out touring is the TRAVELING. Longgggggg drives, hotel beds, and LIVING OUT OF A SUITCASE. On our first tour back in 2008 I was the guy bending over my huge suitcase toiling and sifting through it looking for things, constantly in and out of it. It was way uncool looking.

Then I got a little wiser. I saw an article in GQ about some great duffle bag options, EUREKA! I could have my big suitcase stay in the storage of our tour vehicle but I could fill up the smaller duffle with the essentials for the day and the show. Change of clothes, a few toiletries, books/magazines, journal and laptop. And then every few days I just swap out old stuff for new stuff. So.much.better.

The bag I ended up choosing is by a company called Rag & Bone. It was the right one for me because it was masculine and cool but also it wasn’t a Nike gym bag, and it has a lot of pockets for keeping things organized. Tour is all about routine and not having to think very much about the things you don’t want to be thinking very much about like: “Wait, where did I put my watch?” or “ummmm.. I JUST had my laptop charger, where is it?!?”

Its also the kind of bag that looks great brand new but as it gets beat up and road worn its going to look… even more awesome. Which, if I was to really go into my philosophies about style I’d say make that a rule of thumb: with every purchase ask yourself, will this get better with age?

If I’ve now converted you to the duffle way of life you can check out Rag & Bones’ site for more info! www.rag-bone.com. They also have a flagship store in NYC (where I got my bag….and a hat…………….and my sunglasses). There are also lots of other great companies that make them too.

So now you have some of my personal tips on travel. Be sure to tune in to read more about the first few shows of the tour!

You can find out more about my band HONOR SOCIETY at honorsocietymusic.com, @honorsociety and facebook.com/honorsociety

And just remember NOBODY looks cool sweating over a suitcase like a crazy person.