Get To Know: Purity Ring

If you’ve browsed around the iTunes store this week, you might of noticed one of the free songs, “Fineshrine” by indie-electronic band Purity Ring. I’m always on the lookout for new bands and I think I’ve found a keeper with Purity Ring.

Formed in 2010 in Montreal, Canada, Purity Ring consists of Megan James and Corin Roddick. Megan uses work which she originally did not intend to release to the public for many of the band’s lyrics, which are kind of strange, but in the best possible way of course. The duo were originally two of several members of the band Born Gold (previously called Gobble Gobble). Purity Ring spent most of 2011 touring North America with Neon Indian and Com Truise. They were recently signed by media company 4AD worldwide and Last Gang Records in Canada (hey, that’s LIGHTS’s label!)

Purity Ring’s debut album, Shrines, was released yesterday and has already hit number 9 on the iTunes albums chart. Pretty amazing!

Check out their video for “Fineshrine” and if you like the track, you can download it for FREE this week on iTunes here!

What do you think of Purity Ring?