The Killers Return With ‘Runaways’ – Single Equation

For the first time in four years (excluding Christmas charity singles and covers), The Killers have unveiled a brand spanking new song. Earlier today, fans were rewarded for their patience with “Runaways”, which is lifted from the band’s upcoming album “Battle Born” (due to drop September 17th).

The song premiered on radio stations before being unleashed to internet and the surrounding blogosphere. “What does it sound like?” I hear you cry. Well, before you listen for yourself, how about you do the math?

Inspiration from Brandon Flowers‘ solo album.

A build-up of indie rock’s essential elements.

The fleeing you’re a rogue cowboy fleeing on horse-back (you know the feeling, right?)

A contagious (but not germy) chorus – this one’s infectious!

Running away with The Killers.

Do you agree with my equation?

What do you think of The Killers’ new sound?