Kids In Glass Houses Covers War: Michael Jackson V Oasis

This latest musical fight features a Welsh rock battle between Michael Jackson and Oasis. No, Michael Jackson has not been resurrected (and neither have Oasis) as it’s Kids In Glass Houses who are doing the covering rather than being covered.

As part of their new MPFree Wednesday tradition, the rock five-piece have uploaded two covers from their back catalogue onto SoundCloud. But who do they cover better – MJ or the Gallaghers? Let us know in the comments below.

Michael Jackson

If you fancy an acoustic cover of “Human Nature”, you’re in luck because here’s an unplugged rendition of the track performed by KIGH from 2009, who describe themselves as “life long fans“. Did they do their idol justice? You can decide for yourself but on their self defined Jackson-cover ratings scale, it currently sits somewhere between Alien Ant Farm and Weird Al.


The B-Side to their ‘Easy Tiger’ 7″ picture disc was a cover of Oasis’ very own B-side (and fan favourite) ‘Stay Young’. The explanation of the song choice was that “We were bored at some stage in 2007 and Romesh [Dodangoda, producer] LOVES Oasis. I think that’s the only reason that this exists. The chorus lyric is pretty great”. Yay or nay?

Which cover do you prefer?