I’m Comin’ Home.

Hey dolls! I just thought I’d post a blog about my leave of absence… I’m headin’ back to Tennessee for a week! More than excited to go visit friends and “family,” go shopping at all my favourite places like Opry Mills, and this is my first time on an AIRPLANE! Hehe, I know… I’m sucha loser for never being on an airplane! I’m so nervous…

Anyway, I am actually really trying to focus on blogging/my phone at all while being there. It’s so rude to be on your phone all the time, and I just want to enjoy the time, because I won’t get to see anybody until NEXT summer! I just want to spend more time with my friends, than being consumed with a cellphone! Of course, I’ll be posting pictures, considering I’m HAVE to take a picture from my window seat on the plane, and I’ll be posting on my Instagram a bunch of my friends and me. (hopefully).

My flight is at 7:00 in the morning, which means I have to get up at 3:45 to get ready, to leave for the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport at 4:30, and having to be there by 5. First of all, is it even worth sleeping?! Second of all, I NEED MY RED BULL! Hehe. I’ve got my iPod completely filled with The Beatles and John Lennon albums… EVERY one of them! Yay!

I’m already packed and ready to go… I’m so ready to go SHOPPING! Forever 21 here I come! 🙂

I know you guys will miss all my Beatles posts… hehe. 🙂

Everyone have a GREAT week, and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram (xxhannahrjones) for updates!