Hear It First: Kid Ink

Music Lovers,

I am a fan of so many different genres of music and always have been since I was a little girl! I have been on the prowl for a bunch of new music/artists for Buzznet as well as for my own enjoyment. A few months back I came across a hip hop artist who has actually been around for quite a bit, but more recently got his well deserved break in the industry!

The artist I am referring to goes by name of Kid Ink! I fell in love with his music and loved that I couldn’t really compare him to anyone else that is out right now, he’s got his own thing going on! I got the pleasure to see him live at The Roxy last week with Maddie for his first ever headlining CA show! It was amazing, and even though it was a sold out show you could tell he was as comfortable as ever. He made sure to interact with crowd and played all of our favorite songs and kept the hype going for the whole set! I was also extremely impressed to find out that he is still independent (even though there were about 10 labels there watching him perform).

I put together some photos of him as well as a video we took from the show last Thursday! I highly reccomend you check him out, you will thank me later! Also I will be doing an interview with him VERY shortly so keep an eye out for that as well!

Check him out: