Happy 38th Birthday Sharon Den Adel – These Are 10 Of Your Best Performances!

Today it’s the 38th birthday of Sharon Den Adel, vocalist and composer of the Dutch symphonic metal band, Within Temptation. She has been a performing musician since the age of 14, and was a founding member of the band Within Temptation, along with Robert Westerholt (guitarist of the band and Sharon’s fiance), in 1996. She sings in mezzo-soprano range, though she has a light and lyric vocal quality for that range.

She’s also mother of three beautiful children: Eva Luna (6 years), Robin Aiden (3 years) and Logan Arwin (1 years and half).

I had the pleasure to assist to one of Within Temptation concert last year, it was my first concert ever of them and it was epic.

Since it’s Sharon birthday I decided to share with you 10 of the most amazing performances she did with the band. It’s been hard to find them because each one has something of particular but I chose some acoustic performances and performances where you can clearly listen her vocal gifts.

Utopia – TROS Muziekcafè Radio 2 [November 21, 2009]

This song in the album version boasts the collaboration with Chris Jones, the official music video is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The angelic voice of Sharon is perfect for to describe this touching song and in acoustic it’s even more emotional.

Pale – Live @ Java Island, Amsterdam [2005]

In the amazing frame of Java Island, Within Temptation recorded the concert includes in The Silent Force Tour DVD. The melody of this song takes you in another world and it makes you dream.

Somewhere ft. Anneke van Giersbergen – Black Symphony Tour, Live In Ahoy Arena [February 8, 2008]

Definitely I advice you to watch the whole Black Shymphony live since it’s simply PERFECT. The band has been conducted also by the Dutch Metrople Orchestra in one of the most surprising concerts ever. In this performance Sharon duets with another amazing Dutch singer: Anneke van Giersbergen in a touching love song.

The Last Dance – Live In Rotterdam [April 5, 2012]

This song is includes in “The Unforgiving” iTunes version, it’s a bonus track and the band used it in their epic Dutch’s theatre tour called “Sanctuary”. They always tried to amazed their fans with original tour and concept and this is for sure one of them.

Scotland. The Highlands, 1895. A young boy, sick, is lying in his bed. He has been there for days now, infected by an unknown virus causing a dangerous fever.

As the fever gets stronger, his consciousness fades away, further and further from reality. He slips away into a dream world. He is a grown man now; a warrior or Holy man of some kind; strong and determined. Traveling the landscape, which is enchantingly familiar, yet surreal and unknown.

Now and then, when the fever stabilizes for a short while, the real world shines through. Sometimes in forms and shapes that fit his dream world -his mother, the doctor, the local priest… they all try to help him but seem powerless to do so.

Though tempting, he is not quite ready to stay in this sanctuary, not ready to say goodbye… and so he travels on and on… searching for a way out.

Stairway To The Skies – Live in Milan [October 17, 2011]

This video has been filmed by my dad during the only one Italian date of “The Unforgiving Tour”. This song always makes me cry everytime I listen it. It’s one of my favs ever.

Mother Earth – Mother Earth Tour, Pukkelpop Festival [2002]

I always considered Sharon like a Queen, she’s an amazing singer, one of the best worldwide in my opinion. I love her hands moves during the concerts, her handbangings, her costumes. She definitely could be a Queen of the woods or the Queen of the fairies.

The Cross – Live @ Shibuya Ax Tokyo [2007]

Within Temptation are loved and known worldwide, they had million of fans and their concerts always are sold out. It’s impossible to don’t love this band. In my opinion The Cross is one of the hardest songs of WT discography. Enjoy this performance in Tokyo.

What Have You Done – Live @ 3FM [2011]

The album version of this song boasts the collaboration with Keith Caputo, an elf with a great voice. Definitely it’s one of my favs songs of them and I always have shiver when I listen it. This is a particular solo acoustic version with the amazing Sharon’s voice.

Memories – Live @ Rock Am Ring [2005]

Within Temptation always has the perfect song for anything. They can record a really metal song and then a romantic ballad without losing their charm and talent. Plus Sharon voice always is perfect for each melody.

Deceivers Of Fools – Live At Provinssirock Festival [2006]

Another song who shows Sharon’s vocal range. I love how she can modulate her voice, she said once that she never studied singing but it’s a natural talent. She only had a teacher for to learn how to modulate in the better of the ways her voice.


I wish all the best for you!

Which is your favorite performance/song among these?