Summer 2012 So Far


We think of vacationing, friends, pools, family, eating grilled food, staying up late, romances, bonfires, summer playlists, making memories, and living each day fuller than the one before.

It’s a couple month “excuse” we use to have more fun. I think we should live year round, and our lives like a “summer vacation”. I know it’s easier for me to say this living in Los Angeles, where every month does feel like summer. But normally, I ignore the fact that its summer and I hustle all year round never giving myself a break. Not this year..

This year I promised myself a trip home to regroup with Ohio friends and to regain the simplicty in life I tend to forget.

I promised to:

Sleep in some days and not give myself a hard time about it.

Make late night excursions and not worry about the next day.

Spontaneously go somewhere and leave my phone in the car.

Go to the beach more.

Make a day with no plans and see where it takes me.

Spend an entire day with someone, rather than just a lunch date.

Sit outside more to read, write, draw and think.

I’ve been doing a pretty good job but also been super busy with dance and a rehearsing for a show I am doing at the W in a couple weeks! It’s been tough and super draining. My boyfriend also moved out here from Boston so that has been a nice addition 🙂

How is your summer going?